Hello (again), I'm Caroline

It’s always been about customer service for me.

I work with businesses and organisations across industries and sectors who want to get it right for their customers from the very start to the very end.

With a focus often on complaints handling and customer vulnerability (you’ll find out more about why that is in the about me section), my work ranges from 'one-off' consultancy and gap analysis reviews, to working with clients over a longer period of time to create and put in place changes to policies and processes and any required specialist training to staff.

What I do

It doesn’t matter what you need help with, I have something that will work for you and your individual needs.


Customer Service Consultancy

I offer consultancy that is designed and tailored to your specific needs. Whether that is looking at your polices, procedures and processes to something focused on a particular issue. You can be confident that I’ll tell you – in a supportive way - what you need to hear to make it work. I’ll be your critical friend.


I offer bespoke and tailored in-house workshops to meet the needs of your business and the intended audience – from board members and senior leadership teams, to colleagues on the frontline. I cover topics from call handling skills and good complaints handling, to vulnerability and the Consumer Duty.


Get in touch

If you’re not sure what you need, or you’d just like to have a chat about what you’ve got in mind, get in touch.

There’s no hard selling, just a good, honest conversation about what you’re looking for .

Proud to be associated with

“A real eye-opener as to how we are able to improve our process on Final response letters”


“It was really powerful to be able to discuss our experiences with someone who clearly is a subject expert along with our counterparts in other related industries”

Toyota Financial Services

“I found the course very useful. We have previously worked our complaints with a view of doing what is needed. However, this course will help us at Snap make changes to improve the overall customer experience. It's great to come away with new ideas and changes we can make”

Snap Finance

“Very good, lots of useful questions and answers”


“Can’t remember if I emailed you after the last training session but suffice to say it was brilliant again and the feedback from the team was great. Thank you so much for delivering this to us.”

Clear Bank
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