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I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was 14 and I intend to keep it that way. Being short, I’ve spent most of my life looking up people’s noses or standing in their armpits on trains.

I like the feeling of the warm sun on my face; fast cars; big skies; gin (I’ve been a fan since before it was fashionable) and spicy pickled onions. Not all at the same time though, that would be too much (even for me).

I don’t think I have ever been cool.

I am intrigued by how people respond when they’re up against it, and I like to understand what drives and motivates people to behave the way they do. That’s probably how I ended up working in a complaints team. To be honest, I don’t know exactly how it happened, I think I sort of fell into it. I am, if nothing, honest about my entry into the world of dispute resolution.

Since then (almost 30-odd years but who’s counting), I’ve branched out into areas that a few years ago I couldn’t have dreamt of being involved in. In 2017 and after 20 years at the Financial Ombudsman Service I decided to go it alone, to help businesses in the way I’ve always wanted to.

With honesty, with heart and with practical knowledge.

I work now directly with businesses and organisations across the public and private sectors. I also hold several appointed roles, these include:

  • Senior Subject Matter Expert to the Money Advice Trust on Consumer Vulnerability
  • Commissioner to Energy UK’s Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances Commission
  • Advisory Board Member to the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute
  • Independent Advisor to the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Member of CIVEA’s (The Civil Enforcement Association) Compliance, Adjudication and Review of Enforcement (CARE) Panel.

I could list my career back catalogue here, but that would be a bit boring, wouldn’t it? So, if you want to know the full ins and outs of my career so far; pull up a chair, grab yourself a drink and visit my LinkedIn profile.

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