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Dispute Resolution rules – Is there anything more tedious than trying to learn something as dry and bland as Auntie Mabel’s rock cakes?

Yeah we get it, DISP isn’t the best read in the world, in fact we’d go far as to say it’s probably an insomniac’s idea of a good read. It’s written in opaque semi-legalese language, which is open to interpretation. The word count, given the lack of actual, tangible guidance, is massively over-inflated and it’s as dated as boot cut jeans. So why have we decided to go back to basics this year then? I mean these bloody rules have been with us since the turn of the century for goodness sake.

Well, having spent a lot of time talking and working with businesses last year, the one key thing we learnt over 2019, very few businesses are taking the time to get to know enough about the DISP rules. I mean I think we all know about them and we all know what one looks like when it gets thrown at us, usually from the Ombudsman Service, but how many of you can say on hand-on-heart that you know enough about them?

We don’t blame businesses for skimming over the rules and perhaps not taking the time to read them as in-depth as we have. For starters, we know complaints handling makes up a small percentage of what a business actually does day to day, so how much time do you actually have to do this? But, there is information in those rules that can help businesses get to grips with their complaints handling and actually springboard ideas from in order to improve things for their complaints and their staff.

And that’s really the point, to have a properly working complaints handling process, you need to go back to basics to make sure you’re ticking those boxes before spring boarding off those and getting ahead. This will pay dividends, not just in terms of being able to get complaints to work for you, you’ll retain customers and you’ll engage staff because they will see the difference they can make.

But, as we said in our free download last year DISP can be hard to navigate. So, as you’ll see throughout this month and this year, we’ll be talking you through parts of DISP to highlight some of the important information you might have missed. We’ll then be talking about how this can be used as a springboard to get you ahead in 2020 and get your complaints handling working for you.

And this week we start with DISP 1.3 ‘complaint handling rules’. Doesn’t tell you much does it? But did you know it covers:

  • The basis of your complaints handling process?
  • Instructions about management controls?
  • What you need to do to root out systemic and or recurring problems?
  • Root cause analysis?

No? Well then tune in this month for our overview of this important DISP rule that outlines the basics of what you need to do as a business in terms of your systems.

I mean if you think about it, we’re cutting down the donkey work for you and mapping out DISP for you. What more could you want?

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